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  • EPWA 042000Z 03005KT 360V080 CAVOK 18/01 Q1022 NOSIG
  • 83Pilots
  • 16658Completed flights*
  • 40970:30:40Flying time*
  • 4Today flights
  • *including transferred from the previous system
About us

PLL LOT Virtual is the equivalent of LOT Polish Airlines in the virtual airspace VATSIM. The airline belongs to the Virtual Star Alliance associating over 20 virtual airlines from around the world. We make every effort to allow virtual pilots to feel a substitute for the real work of a passenger pilot. Our training staff consists of experienced pilots who have their aviation experience not only in the amount of flying hours, but also with many types of faircrafts flown. The training materials used during the Type Rating courses are developed on the basis of experience and consultation with real pilots flying passenger planes around the world.



New connection grid

Dear Pilots,

Connection grid update 2020r.

The LOT Polish Airlines grid has been updated to January 10, 2020.

In addition, the current fleet and "CONDOR" connections network have been add in our fleet.

Flights can be made with LOT planes, however Callsing should be set to "CFG".

See you in the virtual sky! 

The Management of PLL LOT Virtual.

Last flights
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Airline Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Aircraft
LOT 79 EPWA RJAA 0 LOT0114 0 787-8 DREAML
LOT 27 KJFK EPWA 0 LOT0114 0 787-9 DREAML
LOT 26 EPWA KJFK 09.09 LOT0114 -268 787-8 DREAML
LOT 3831 EPWA EPGD 00.37 LOT0075 -354 737-89P
LOT 6597 EPGD EPPO 0.40 LOT0233 0 737-89P
Airline Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
LOT26 Warsaw Chopin Airport New York John F. Kennedy International Airport 787-8 DREAML
LOT3831 Warsaw Chopin Airport Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport 737-89P