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PLL LOT Virtual Pilots

Pilot numer Name and surname Rank Flights completed Flying time Status
LOT0001 Poland Sławomir Krzyszkowski Captain   Captain 101 321.43 Active
LOT0002 Poland Tymon Czerwiński Senior Captain   Senior Captain 535 2037.41 Active
LOT0003 Poland Maciej Sobieraj Senior Captain   Senior Captain 334 1703.31 Active
LOT0004 Poland Damian Bigos Senior Captain   Senior Captain 427 1278.48 Active
LOT0005 Poland Artur Kołakowski Captain   Captain 256 968.19 Active
LOT0006 Poland Skarbimir Szwed Senior Captain   Senior Captain 67 1189.10 On leave
LOT0007 Poland Robert Wilczyński Captain   Captain 218 912.34 Active
LOT0008 Poland Tomasz Kryjom Senior Captain   Senior Captain 707 1859.00 Active
LOT0010 Poland Piotr Gryska Senior Captain   Senior Captain 236 1066.37 On leave
LOT0017 Poland Arkadiusz Kwiatkowski Cadet   Cadet 9 32.22 On leave
LOT0018 Poland Bartłomiej Kornacki Second Officer   Second Officer 37 77.28 Active
LOT0020 Poland Karol Dziedzic Captain   Captain 0 497.00 On leave
LOT0030 Poland Paweł Mrozowski First Officer   First Officer 85 266.24 On leave
LOT0049 Poland Bartosz Byczek First Officer   First Officer 153 155.23 On leave
LOT0052 Cyprus Vladimiros Tziortzis Second Officer   Second Officer 42 80.52 On leave
LOT0061 Poland Paweł Cichmiński Second Officer   Second Officer 40 115.06 On leave
LOT0065 Poland Andrzej Zubrzycki Cadet   Cadet 13 41.14 On leave
LOT0066 Poland Pawel Parol Cadet   Cadet 33 68.22 On leave
LOT0068 Poland Wojciech Goździewski First Officer   First Officer 79 217.15 Active
LOT0071 Poland Karol Siwik Cadet   Cadet 58 54.18 On leave
LOT0073 Poland Witold Balcerzak First Officer   First Officer 150 299.19 Active
LOT0075 Poland Krzysztof Koniecki First Officer   First Officer 189 182.38 Active
LOT0089 Poland Bartosz Chodykin Captain   Captain 479 343.38 Active
LOT0096 Italy Pietro Donà Cadet   Cadet 2 1.36 On leave
LOT0102 Poland Marcin Kantowicz Cadet   Cadet 10 11.23 On leave
LOT0110 Poland Mateusz Bernat First Officer   First Officer 78 151.19 Active
LOT0114 Poland Aleksander Ziarkowski Captain   Captain 168 407.20 Active
LOT0116 Poland Mario Topski Captain   Captain 301 521.54 On leave
LOT0118 Poland Hubert Zaręba Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Not active
LOT0121 Poland Leopold Przybylski Second Officer   Second Officer 63 96.19 On leave
LOT0122 Poland Mateusz Chałupniczak Captain   Captain 204 400.49 On leave
LOT0132 Poland Paweł Żerdzicki Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Not active
LOT0134 United Kingdom Michał Szkodziński Cadet   Cadet 11 26.00 On leave
LOT0140 Poland Piotr Tobisz Captain   Captain 174 311.30 Active
LOT0141 Poland Adrian Wait Cadet   Cadet 17 27.31 Active
LOT0142 Poland Paweł Wąsowski Second Officer   Second Officer 80 106.30 Active
LOT0149 Ukraine Viacheslav Mirin Cadet   Cadet 1 1.03 On leave
LOT0151 Poland Maciej Wiatrek First Officer   First Officer 145 269.48 Active
LOT0153 Poland Michał Leszczyna Cadet   Cadet 55 69.21 Active
LOT0154 Poland Jakub Skrabalak Cadet   Cadet 12 11.53 Active
LOT0155 Poland Paweł Czeterbok Cadet   Cadet 12 13.07 Active
LOT0160 Poland Tomasz Krakowiak First Officer   First Officer 222 263.46 Active
LOT0162 Poland Kamil Brike Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 On leave
LOT0167 Norway Dawid Ambroszczyk Cadet   Cadet 30 23.33 Active
LOT0168 Poland Jan Ginał Cadet   Cadet 18 22.18 Active
LOT0169 Poland Leon Dędek Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Active
LOT0173 United Kingdom Tom Szczypinski Cadet   Cadet 1 2.12 On leave
LOT0176 Poland Szymon Ludek Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 On leave
LOT0179 Poland Ivo Zacharias Cadet   Cadet 14 14.39 Active
CFG0181 Israel Roman Eidia Cadet   Cadet 8 9.41 Active
LOT0183 Poland Mateusz Kossakowski Cadet   Cadet 8 12.58 Active
CFG0185 Finland Jere Aarnia Cadet   Cadet 8 17.28 Active
LOT0190 Poland Dominik Rosenbeiger Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Active
LOT0191 Poland Maciej Fiedosiejew Cadet   Cadet 8 6.18 Active
LOT0197 Poland Wojciech Więch Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Active
LOT0198 United Kingdom Maciej Majewski Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Active
LOT0199 Poland Grzegorz Bortnowski Cadet   Cadet 0 0.00 Active